Our sad house

nramagsnramagsOur sad house: (We interrupt this coverage of the magazine industry to talk about important stuff.) It is awful to lose the pivotal, must-win, gotta-have home game of the year, but, alas, my hometeam did yesterday. The Titans loss to the Colts reminded me so much of the Superbowl loss against the Rams: storybook ending coming up short. I’m not going to Monday-morning quarterback this, except to say two things: 1. A new specialty teams coach, 2. Other than the Music City Miracle, Marvin Harrison’s 42-yard, one-handed catch to set-up the winning touchdown, was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen at the Coliseum (pictures at left). When you see a catch like that, you think to yourself, “I don’t like it, but this team is supposed to win this game.” Bottomline: No home games during the playoffs and the road to Houston leads through a gauntlet of unfriendly stadiums in places like Baltimore, Foxboro, Kansas City or Indianapolis. And saddest of all: McMVP could end up being beaten by a guy with happy feet.