Don’t believe them

bannedDon’t believe them: The masters of controversy PR are giving up? Don’t count on it. As much as I don’t necessarily condone its content, I would hate to see Abercrombie & Fitch throw in the towel (or, in AF’s case, throw OFF the towel) on its controversial customer magazine, AF Quarterly. Yet that’s what they are announcing. It has been an extraordinarly effective brand-creation vehicle. The folks there, however, just got a little too carried away and forgot their stores are in the suburbs. For some past posts here on the rexblog regarding the controversial, yet powerful, customer magazine/magalog, click here. If you want to bid on some collectors items, click here. Amazing prices they are already getting for a $4 catalog…and just wait for the millions of dollars of publicity they’ll be receiving in the next 48 hours. In January, look for the “we’ve changed our minds and are going to re-launch” story.

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