You mean, it lost?

You mean, it lost?: This Onion’s satirical story about a reality TV show set on an island “where the South won the Civil War” reminds me of the “what if history genre” book by Harry Turtledove, Guns of the South. Turtledove has turned this whole alternative history genre into a cottage industry. Guns of the South, for example, is a breezy, clever read, despite this ridiculous premise (at least this is what I think I remember it was about): Apartied-era South African whites time-travel back to 1864 with a cache of AK-47s for Gen. Lee’s army. Turtledove’s current “what-if” release is called, “In the Presence of Mine Enemies,” and is set in the post WW II era, “after Hitler won.” (I haven’t read the book, but I suppose in it, Hitler becomes an entrepreneur and starts Wal-mart and Microsoft.)