Fat issue

robbFat issue: On my brief getaway, I stayed at the kind of place that has nouveau niche magazines in the rooms (at least, when we were bumped up to a nicer room on the second evening), so I was able to peruse the current issue of the Robb Report. The “annual ultimate gift guide” must weigh about four pounds, three lbs. of which are comprised of advertisments for $50,000 men’s watches. Who buys this stuff? The Boston Globe profiled the folks behind this magazine.


The Robb Report is a thick, glossy national magazine for those with annual incomes of more than $1 million who are interested in learning about and perhaps purchasing the highest-quality luxury items. The magazine’s more than 100,000 readers are treated to content that is the stuff of middle class folks’ dreams: yachts, private jets, sports cars, motorcycles, exotic vacations, and the finest wines, watches, jewelry, and cigars.