You heard it here first

You heard it here first: I’m not one to say, “I told you so,” okay, I am. Last Tuesday evening when I ran across the Abercrombie Fitch press release announcing that the company was halting the controversial A-F Quarterly and replacing it with an expanded catalog, I titled the post, “Don’t believe them.” And then, on Wednesday, in a post titled, “Faux Finale,” I predicted the company would announce in January the publication’s re-launch. I was wrong. They didn’t wait until January.

The AF Quarterly name may be gone, but some things won’t change: Like the creative team who produced it. According to the NY Times, Abercrombie-Fitch has “revealed plans to shoot the newest edition of the catalog next month using, surprise, the same art director, Sam Shahid; photographer, Bruce Weber; stylists and crew who made the quarterly risqué in the first place.” (Here’s a college newspaper feature story on a photo shoot by Bruce, Sam & the gang last spring.)

So, there you have it. AF Quarterly will no longer be a “racy” customer magalog. It will be a “racy” customer catalog. I’m glad we’ve gotten that cleared up. (via Gawker)

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  1. I had a weird experience on several levels the other day. I went to the mall — which is weird, as the 3 regular rexblog readers know since I’m a confessed online shopper — and I noticed that in my several-month absence from the Green Hills Mall, an A&F store has taken up residence there. The really weird thing was, I thought it looked more like a cave than anything else. It was dark inside, and due to several large ad/photographic panels positioned near the front of the store, you couldn’t see inside — in fact, you couldn’t even see any clothes. The only thing I did notice was that everyone coming out or going in appeared to be between 12 and 16. I guess we all knew they weren’t REALLY marketing those clothes to people old enough to buy their catalog….
    But on the “marketing works” side, it was one of the busiest stores in the mall.

  2. Congratulations, Laura. The Tennessee state revenue department is happy to hear of your support of our state’s merchants.

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