Search for the holy grail

Search for the holy grail: More developments on news about Google print search I blogged earlier this week: It’s in beta (if you get the message “page left intentionally blank,” well, that’s why they call it beta, I assume). But, before you get too impressed, it’s not a parity product with Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book” feature. In comparison to Amazon, it’s lame. Indeed, it appears to me to simply be a search of a database of bibliographic descriptions and extended material that Google may be be syndicating from Ingram Book Company. It is not even remotely close to what Amazon has created. It’s very unusual for Google to do something so underwhelming.

Quote (from Search Engine Watch):

Google Print differs from Amazon’s recently introduced Search Inside the Book program, which makes the full text of books available online to readers. By contrast, Google is indexing only a small excerpt from each book, typically taken from the inside cover, jacket reviews, author biographies or the book’s introduction.


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