Does a demographic equal a magazine opportunity?

Does a demographic equal a magazine opportunity? As I mentioned Samir Husni in the previous post, I must admit that I thought of him when I saw this news item today in DM News about a vaporzine for black golf enthusiasts. Samir has pointed out on several occasions that would-be magazine entrepreurs often confuse a category of individuals with a potential magazine audience. My question is this, “While there are millions of African American golfers, are they necessarily a demographic?” And while I can easily predict about a dozen under-reported stories the first three issues of such a magazine could explore, I question whether these topics have sustainable reader-interest over time when what the universal, overriding concerns of golfers of all ethnic, religious and sexual preference backgrounds tend to be limited to topics related to such major issues as: how to lower his or her score and how to free up enough time to play one more day a week. Add to the potential mis-identification of a market niche, an entrepreneur with the desire to find a way to turn their love of golf (or fishing or skiing or traveling to really cool places) into a business and, well, you’ve go something that has sand trap written all over it. Nonetheless, we’re happy to add “Seven Under” to the Vaporzines I’m looking forward to see launched in 2004.