How to impress the rexblog

beautifulgirlHow to impress the rexblog: While several vaporziners have e-mailed me since I first started using the term vaporzine, I’ve had only two phone conversations with irate proto-publishers of pre-launch magazines. Most of the people who discover via Google that their pre-launch publicity efforts have gained them the vaporzine label, take the “honor” with the light spirit it is intended. (Oh, yes, and another time I had a vaporzine publisher call to beg me to remove the item about her magazine launch because she had not told her current employer about her plans despite her name being listed on the magazine’s pre-launch site. I did, of course.) As I clearly explain in the rexblog definition, the word simply refers to the pre-launch status of the magazine. Not to my judgement of the magazine’s chances for success.

Today, I am happy to report that Beautiful Girl Magazine, a “former” vaporzine I mentioned twice recently, here and here, has graduated to someone else’s punditry niche. While I was away from the office last week, the publisher/editor, Scarlett Williams of the magazine for young Christian women mailed me my very own copy. (I guess she appreciated that I said she and her mother seem to have lots of “spunk.” While I’m sorry to lose a vaporzine (wait, no I’m not), I’m happy that Scarlett is holding in her hand the culmination (and beginning) of a lot of work and passion.

Coincidentally, the back cover features an advertisement for a product blogged extensively on the rexblog. And speaking of really strange coincidences, the cover model for this issue of Beautiful Girl says her “fave clothing store” is a store I often suggest is run by masterful marketers who use pornographic customer magazines to sell invisible clothes to unwitting suburban mall teenagers.

Do Christian girls really have Moms like this?
I guess so, since Peta’s advertising to them.

I hate to say it, however, but I have a complaint about the launch issue and, strangely, it’s not about the edit, but about an advertiser (paid, I pray). As I flipped through the magazine the first time, I was instantly perplexed about that double-truck advertisement for the animal rights sect, Peta. What gives? I have my doubts that Christian moms will warm up to the two-page spread public service advertisements promoting a left-wing anti-vivisectionist cult that proclaims on its website that moms who wear furs (to church, even?) are homicidal psychopaths? When did Christian girls start rejecting those biblical teachings regarding “honoring parents” and about having “dominion over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth” and take up the Mother-hating teachings of Peta — but I digress.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Thanks for the magazine. It’s a great launch issue. I will take it home to the 16 year-old beautiful girl, inside and out, who I know will enjoy it (but will wonder what were on those Peta ad pages I ripped out — just kidding.)