The prescient professor

The prescient professor: It must be that season. Magazines that Samir Husni predicted would fail are failing all over the place. A few weeks ago, it was Grace Magazine. And now, it’s College Magazine, about which I blogged last April. College Magazine billed itself as a periodical covering the high school to college transition from the perspective of parents. Topics included saving for college, campus visits and a counselor’s corner column by a former American School Counselor’s Association president. According to an article in the Madison (Wisconsin) Capital Times, “When the magazine launched, Husni said the topic focus of College was much too narrow.” According to today’s report, the magazine publishers threw in the towel because they “were undercapitalized.” Last spring, Samir told the newspaper, “There are more magazines than ever before in the marketplace. You really have to have deep, deep pockets to be able to persevere.” Bottom line: listen to him.