You are not just imagining it

You are not just imagining it: You DO get more spam than regular e-mail. According to “anti-spam software” company Brightmail, in 2003, spam grew to be 56% of Internet e-mail, up from 40% a year ago. There are some entertaining spam facts in this press release which is like a “Year in Spam” report.


Most common spam messages of 2004:

1. Subject: Get Bigger, 100% Proven Results
2. Subject: Re: You can order PAIN MEDS, Anti-depressants, Weight Loss Meds Online
3. Subject: Needs your assistance

4. Subject: Mortgage rates/refinancing — Mortgage rates at 40 year low
5. Subject: Print Ink – Act Now, save 85% on all ink cartridges
6. Subject: Iraqi Most Wanted Cards – These WILL sell out!

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