McMVP update

flameMcMVP update: As AP reports, Steve McNair, “playing with a cracked bone spur in his left ankle and a sore right calf, hit Drew Bennett for a 23-yard touchdown pass on fourth down with 17 seconds left to lead the Tennessee Titans into the playoffs with a 27-24 victory over the Houston Texans.”

The game is over, however, and now I’m a really big Texans fan. If they beat the Colts next Sunday, and the Titans beat the Bucs, we’ll be division champions and playing the first-round game at the Coliseum.

After seeing the Colts loss tonight (to Denver) and seeing how impressively close the Texans came to defeating the Titans today, it would not surprise me to see an upset. We love you, David Carr.

Is it possible? A third Titans-Colts game of the season? If so, it would remind me of the 1999 season and the three Titans-Jags games (two played in Jacksonville). However, I hope the comparisons stop there as the Titans won all three games that year and were in a position much like the Colts would find themselves if such an unlikely scenario develops.

One thing is “for sure”: In the Steve vs. Peyton for MVP race, there was no contest today. An amazing performance by McNair: no practice, broken bones and a shakey first half…and he still comes back in the fourth quarter to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat with an awesome display of Air McNairness.

After the Titans game, but before the Colts’s loss, national editor Vic Carucci, was already commenting on how McNair’s performance today influenced the MVP race:

Is it too late for him to get back the majority of those league MVP votes he lost to Peyton Manning? No. He might end up winning the honor after all, just as he seemed destined to before injuries caught up with him at the same time Manning took his performance to the highest levels of his football life. But even if McNair doesn’t, the timing couldn’t be better for him to display that he can still carry the Titans when they need him to.