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Time’s Covers of the Year: As I have been known to have fun with Time Magazine covers, it is nice to see other folks get into the act. Seeing this reminded me of the quote from Time managing editor Jim Kelly that appeared in a mediabistro.com interview in October: “You know, there are many fun parts of the job, and the most fun part is figuring out what the cover is every week.” This being the case, I guess the Mudville Gazette should address its message to Jim rather than Time Warner. But you didn’t hear me suggest that.

(The Mudville Gazette via BuzzMachine)

3 thoughts on “Times Covers of the Year

  1. Mudville is entitled to its opinion. Mine is, they struck out on this one. The cover poster’s apparent message seems to be that the POY praise seems hollow when compared with criticism of CIC Bush, questioning our overall capacity and looking at the conditions which our military face (according to Time) in Iraq. I don’ t buy that as being a logical conclusion.

  2. What, Bill. You have no joy for Mudville? You think they have struck out? That’s a mighty case you bat around. However….

    I think you are splitting hairs on a head balder than Homer Simpson. I am amused by the creative way Mudville (whoever he/they/it are) have expressed their frustration and forgive them their lack of understanding of the editorial nuance involved in a year-long coverage of a complex global issue.

    However, there is no doubt that Time’s cover selection this past year have displayed a propensity for whenever possible, opting for the “quagmire” “Bush is wrong” angle. I strongly believe that history will conclude that Bush was correct and that there is no quagmire. So, in this instance, I find myself agreeing with the point-of-view of the folks at Mudville. It looks to me like the magazine’s editors find themselves in the same place as many of the democratic party nominee candidates: Looking back over 52 weeks of predicting the worst-case scenario…and now are trying to catch up with reality.

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