What a coincidence

What a coincidence: As often happens, my blogging posts are running together in a serendipitously surreal way today. For example, in my last post, I snidely implied that the purchase by Time Inc. in July 2001 of Business 2.0 was a dumb business decision (I won’t even mention ‘eCompany Now’ — hint, the “e” stood for embarrassment). Now, in the very next post, I point to a NY Times article (registration required) in which the individual responsible for that Business 2.0 acquisition decision is quoted explaining a more recent dumb business decision by others that, except for the names of the magazine, could be applied to the aforementioned dumb decision:

“Certainly, if you look at it from any business point of view, it is insignificant,” said John Huey, editorial director of Time Inc. “But because it is New York, with the New York media covering the sale of New York magazine, it takes on an aura that defies all logic.”

Talk about your glass houses that defy all logic? Perhaps, the next topic David Carr can get a quote from Time’s editorial director should be about executive travel expenses at New York Magazine.

(P.S. When I woke up this morning, I had no plans to only blog about Time Inc. today.)