Keeps getting media

Keeps getting media: Gary Price at ResourceShelf points to a story about KeepMedia.


The premise of Louis Borders’s business holds that American readers will buy old magazine stories if they can pay far less than they do for research databases such as Factiva and LexisNexis. “All of them have the experience of wanting information that they can’t get to,” he says. So he created a company to tap into that perceived demand, sharing the proceeds with publishers and keeping a piece of any new magazine subscriptions his members sign up for through the site.

Gary Price (whose website is one of my favorites) thinks it is sad that while KeepMedia keeps getting media coverage, too few people know “that many public libraries offer FREE remote access to databases that offer searchable archives of THOUSANDS of publications.”

Here is what Gary suggests:

Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about regarding libraries offering FREE remotely accessible access (no need to visit the library building) to thousands of publications and other high-quality databases might want to take a look at a few examples of these services. All you need is a library card for that particular library. Contact your library to find out what you have access to. Here are five examples: NY Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library, King County (Washington) Public Library, Fairfax Cty (Virginia) Public Library, Hamilton (Ontario) Public Library. School, academic, and other types of libraries also provide these services. Just ask!!!

I will add a link called “magazine article databases (free)” to the “magazine resources” blogroll on the left of each page. It will link to the appropriate page on Gary’s site.

(rexblog flashbacks about KeepMedia: here and here, which was a link to a column by Rafe Needleman on the topic.)

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