The perfect year-end post

The perfect year-end post: While I had decided to forego any blogging while enjoying the perfect Tampa Bay-area weather, I determined the following news item is too perfect a metaphor for the rexblog (I’ll leave it up to you to interpret it) to pass up:

An obsessive collector in New York had to be rescued by neighbors after being buried naked up to his neck for two days by an avalanche of books and magazines at his own home.

Moore was rescued on Monday by neighbors who finally heard his cries for help. Unable to open his door because of the weight of magazines behind it, they removed the door from its hinges and then clambered over mountains of debris to get to the trapped man.

Landlord Bennie Jones, 62, said he had actually first heard Moore’s shouts on Sunday but “didn’t pay any attention because he’s always talking to himself.”

Moore said he had been stacking a fresh batch of magazines when the pile became unstable and collapsed, triggering an avalanche of the floor-to-ceiling material that took up almost every available inch of space in his apartment.

Moore said he earned around $300 a week peddling items from his collection which he has built up over 10 years.

After his rescue, Moore was treated in hospital for dehydration.

What more can I say? Happy New Year.