Glossed over

Glossed over: Folio:’s Simon Dumico presents his 2003 Glossies Awards.


THE TINA BROWN MEMORIAL “BUZZIE” AWARD goes to Radar magazine founder and editor Maer Roshan, whose mid-year launch of his pop-culture magazine scored endless media-about-media media before fizzling out. It soon became clear that Roshan had neglected the pesky little matter of securing sufficient financing to keep the thing afloat after its first two flashy issues. Word is that Radarites now revisionistically refer to their launch as a “test” — which means we can look forward to their magazine actually launching in 2004! (This will also qualify Maer for the coveted Do-Over Prize) Meantime, encourages you to “Give the gift of Radar magazine! The special 10-issue gift subscription is just $15. I’m ordering one for my former intern.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.