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Testosterzine watch: It’s only the first real business day of 2004 and already we have two new vaporzines targeting guys. Forget women in bikinis, however, these magazines are about what really turns on men: stuff. This morning, it was a vaporzine called, “Sync.” This afternoon, it is Buffalo, NY-based vaporzine to be called “Segue.” (At least, until they get a cease and desist from the Segway folks.)

“Segue will target readers between 30 and 55 who on average earn $75,000 a year. The magazine will feature articles on fashion, furnishings and food, as well as cigars, music, sports, cars and electronic gadgets. “It was very important to us that it has some testosterone in it,” Toms told The Buffalo News.

Those of you who are regular rexblog readers will know immediately whether or not Segue Magazine will succeed. If you need a hint, here is the giveaway quote from the article:

“From my own dating woes, I realized there’s no resource out there for people over 30,” said publisher Kimberly Toms, a divorced 34-year-old who is launching the magazine from western New York. “It was an idea that wouldn’t go away.”

Side note: I’m shocked that the article does not quote Samir Husni, but rather John Harrington, “author of the industry newsletter the New Single Copy.” Is there a new kid on the block in the magazine launch quotation wars? Developing.

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  1. Hello Rex. I do like your site very much and find your entire niche intriguing. Speaking of niches…I was a little affronted at first when we were called a “vaporzine.” However, I have since read your definition of the word and rationalized. We are, after all, in an industry with a 9 of 10 fail rate, so how could I be offended? It is the job of the public to doubt first, trust second. I encourage everyone to judge as upon seeing the print version, then determine if we are read-worthy.
    However, you will be seeing us in the press consistently through April (and beyond). I won’t get into too much detail about why, how great our magazine is, nor why you should read it as part of my soapboxing here, but I will say that with over 50 years’ marketing, communications and PR experience between the top three execs in my company, we will always be “in the press.” Particularly since I have been marketing and p.r.’ing since I was a wee tot at age 12. I’m now only 33, but that is almost 22 years’ experience. So, I’m not new to getting us out there. You’re going to be sick of hearing about us, I’m sure, yet you might be intrigued to turn a page…which is the point.
    I must clarify one thing, though. We are NOT just a “what to buy mag.” You have us confused with that men’s mag also launching in April that is trying to be the men’s version of “Lucky” (good lucky to them!). It is funny how we are pigenholed into little boxes and categories by others and ourselves. Yesterday we were dubbed an objectifying sex rag by an NYC feminist who sent me an overly descriptive, nauseating hate mail, trashed us on her blogger, yet didn’t (of course) report the wording of her vile email to us as part of her report. By the end of the evening, though, I had received three separate emails of apology from her, AND, we received at least 40 or 50 hits from her angry site since. So, I am okay with being one of your vaporzines. It will certainly make us proud and victorious five years from now, when we are reflecting and realize, “Looks like we made it!” Then, we’ll all pop a champagne cork together.
    Respectfully,Kimberly TomsSEGUE Magazine

  2. Seque is definately not a what to buy magazine, it’s a copy cat magazine of One2One Magazine for Singles mixed in with Stuff Magazine. How is that for getting pigeon-holed. They even stole Stuff magazine’s biline — The Stuff Guys Want for their website. How cheap!! Since One2One Magazine (http://www.One2OneMagazine.com) came on the scene in 2001 there have been many copy cats, first there was IN in Hawaii for Singles, now Segue. I’ll just have to watch and see how much of One2One Magazine they keep copying before Segway issues their cease and dessist. Always Imitated, Never Duplicted,A One2One Magazine Subscriber

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