palmOurBusiness: I guess it is with some irony that this weblog is considered by some to be an example of a “business weblog” as I rarely blog about Hammock Publishing, the actual business I am so lucky to be a part of. Obviously, I post a lot of news about the industry we’re in, but I don’t even blog about the topics our magazines cover. However, today, I want to get a little more “personal” with this business blog. I want to thank the folks pictured at the left (except for the guy on the far, far left, who is me) for making it easy for me to claim I know something about publishing an award-winning magazine. They all make it possible, I get to take the credit. Back in October, MyBusiness Magazine, the magazine published by Hammock Publishing for the 600,000 members of the National Federation of Independent Business, NFIB, received the 2003 first place “Eddie Award” for editorial excellence in the category of association magazines. Today, the folks at NFIB were kind enough to invite the MyBusiness team from Hammock for a celebratory lunch. As a friend of mine once said, every issue of any magazine that makes it off the press is a miracle. The real miracle for me is to get to work with a group of people like these both at Hammock and at NFIB (and some others who left early or who were actually working.) Thanks.