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segueSegue responds: Kimberly Toms, who has announced plans to launch Segue Magazine in April, was “a little affronted” when she first saw that I called Segue a vaporzine. Then she read my definition of vaporzine and now says, “I am okay with being one of your vaporzines. It will certainly make us proud and victorious five years from now, when we are reflecting and realize, ‘Looks like we made it!'”

I’d like to thank Kimberly for jumping through the hoops of actually registering on the rexblog and commenting. You can read her entire response here. (Wish I could make it easier to make comments but I’ve never been able to figure out how.)

For clarification purposes, Kimberly, you don’t have to wait five years from now to declare “Looks like we made it” and celebrate Segue not being a vaporzine. Vaporzines merely are concepts not yet launched. So, for my purposes, you can say, “Looks like we made it” when the first issue comes off the press.

However, if you do indeed, say, “Looks like we made it,” please don’t do it this way.

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  1. Rex if I may I would like to copycat your “vaporzine” term and apply it to the industry where I first learned the miracles of publishing anything, newspapers. I will call it, therefore, a “vaporpaper.” More than once, I have been approached by some folks where I live about starting a newspaper to compete with the Gannett-owned, um, sheet. The reasons are various – quality, mostly, and some political and personal animosities. I’ve seen this happen before, for the same reasons, and while it’s not impossible to launch and maintain a competitor to an existing newspaper, it is very, very difficult for reasons all reading this blog can imagine. Doing so as vendetta may rank as the worst possible argument in your business plan. The most recent pass at me, back in December, included the statement that there were 40 potential advertisers willing to jump ship. That, as a hoary joke about 100 lawyers and the bottom of the ocean goes, is a good start. But it made me think that the plan now deserves a name like vaporpaper.

  2. Hi Rex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Can you please provide to me an email address for Kimberly Toms, publisher of Segue Magazine. I cannot locate her Segue web page.
    Thank you,’

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