Slings & arrows

cowboySlings & arrows: This profile of the magazine Cowboys & Indians by MediaPost’s Larry Dobrow is must-reading for anyone who hopes to understand the challenge of advertising sales. If you’ve never sold magazine advertising, you may think, “Hey, advertising in my magazine should be a no-brainer. Surely, GM would want to advertise to readers who purchase (fill in the blank).”

So here is the situation. Cowboys & Indians is a successul franchise with 120,000 paid subscribers who are passionate about its content. Apparently, it is a magazine found on the coffee-tables of some of the most expensive homes west of the Mississippi…homes that people who read Vanity Fair dream of owning.

But (and here is where those who have sold advertising part intuitive ways with those who have not), people who make advertising buying decisions circle up the wagons when Cowboys & Indians come calling. They just don’t get it. But, then, why should they? The stereotypical individual who actually purchases advertising is too busy checking Gawker to read a magazine other than Lucky. For this reason, Dobrow says Cowboys & Indians is (are?) planning a cover story about cowgirl Hilary Duff in 2004. Shoot me.