More slightly-above-average Google tricks

More slightly-above-average Google tricks: From the always informative Gary Price at comes the news that several new “Google shortcuts” were announced today, including “search by number” features like area code information, UPC codes, VIN numbers, USPS tracking numbers and flight tracking.

However, Gary seems to be less than impressed:

“Many services like those linked from Google exist and have existed for many years. Some of you might also want to take a look at this tracking service. I checked flights for from several airlines with this new Google feature and got nothing. Airlines that I didn’t find links for included Jet Blue, Southwest, AirTran, Midwest Express, Sun Country, Spirit, ATA, Lufthansa, Virgin, KLM, Aloha, and Hawaiian. It also appears that single digit and some four digit flight numbers do not work. It’s surprising that Google didn’t check this before releasing this shortcut and making the announcement.”

You tell ’em, Gary.

One thought on “More slightly-above-average Google tricks

  1. I have to say that at times I find myself a bit frustrated even with [gasp] Google. I rarely shop on Ebay, for instance, due to the phenomenon described in The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz….too many choices become overwhelming and frustrating and stymie your attempts to choose and/or your happiness. I find it frustrating to sort through the flotsam on Ebay to get to what I want….much easier to go to Amazon in the first place and just buy it. Of course there are many Ebayers on the rexblog regular who’d disagree I’m sure. But there are times when Google is the same way. About 80% of the time, I find exactly what I need w/in a click or two at the most. But the other 20%….

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