Asterisk clones

Asterisk clones? I was ready to give Time & Newsweek a break and declare them close-but-no-clone covers this week. However, upon further review and advocacy by some self-appointed members of the rexblog 2004 Clone Covers committee, I have agreed that both magazines clearly promote this week’s editions as special “Health Reports” and therefore do deserve to be named to the hall of mirrors. (It seems to be a tradition at Time and Newsweek for the second week of the year’s issue to feature a post-holiday health topic on the cover.) Another reason they receive clone status is that one features a smiling woman fondling a strawberry and the other features a smiling woman being fondled. (Visit Clone Covers, 2003, for an explanation and archive.) (P.S. I received some predictions of what the covers would be and they were, well, not about sex or carbs.)

Not likely

Not likely: According to the BBC (first reported in the magazine New Scientist), Microsoft is working on a project called MyLifeBits that would enable someone to download everything they ever experience (phone calls, documents created, etc.) onto a massive hard drive that serves (metaphorically?) as a brain backup.


Microsoft researchers are working on ways to create a “back-up brain” that will do a much better job of containing and cataloguing every picture you take, document you write or conversation you record.

The scientists collaborating on the project believe that the database of your life could hold a vast array of items that are automatically catalogued and as easy to search as Google.

If it proves successful, the project could realise the dreams of hypertext visionary Vannevar Bush, who first floated the idea of a lifestore more than 50 years ago.

No word yet on whether or not you will be allowed to have memories in an OS other than Windows.

Vaporzine roundup

Vaporzine roundup: The NY Daily News’ Paul Colford (Hot Copy) rounds up a “lengthening list” of magazines that will may launch later this year, or, what on the rexblog, we call vaporzines. One of the titles, Reality Bites Check, a magazine from Primedia focusing on reality TV shows and contestants (and a sure sign of the Apocalypse), launched this week, making what on the rexblog, we call an ex-vaporzine.

Other vaporzines mentioned by Colford:

American Thunder, a monthly targeting men who love Nascar racing and other guy pursuits, such as salt-water fishing, will hit newsstands next month. published by American Content Inc., bankrolled by Clarium Capital Management, the investment vehicle of Peter Thiel, former PayPal CEO. (I couldn’t find a magazine website, but you can get a free subscription here

Bauer Publishing: Soap Previews – a digest-size monthly on TV soaps.

American Media: Living Fit, for women 45 and up (March)

Time Inc.:

Cottage Living

Life (relaunched as a weekend newspaper supplement)
An as yet, unnamed women’s magazine that would sell primarily in Wal-Mart

Gruner + Jahr USA: Gala, a European celebrity mag.

And there are all those men shopping magazine vaporzines floating around also.