Asterisk clones

Asterisk clones? I was ready to give Time & Newsweek a break and declare them close-but-no-clone covers this week. However, upon further review and advocacy by some self-appointed members of the rexblog 2004 Clone Covers committee, I have agreed that both magazines clearly promote this week’s editions as special “Health Reports” and therefore do deserve […]

So sue me

So sue me: In the waning days of Lingua Fraca, a literary magazine that closed and went into bankruptcy in 2001, it paid several free lancers. Now, according to the NYT’s David Carr (registration required), the bankruptcy trustee in charge of the case, Robert Geltzer, has served summons to many of those writers. The demand: […]

Not likely

Not likely: According to the BBC (first reported in the magazine New Scientist), Microsoft is working on a project called MyLifeBits that would enable someone to download everything they ever experience (phone calls, documents created, etc.) onto a massive hard drive that serves (metaphorically?) as a brain backup. Quote: Microsoft researchers are working on ways […]