Not likely

Not likely: According to the BBC (first reported in the magazine New Scientist), Microsoft is working on a project called MyLifeBits that would enable someone to download everything they ever experience (phone calls, documents created, etc.) onto a massive hard drive that serves (metaphorically?) as a brain backup.


Microsoft researchers are working on ways to create a “back-up brain” that will do a much better job of containing and cataloguing every picture you take, document you write or conversation you record.

The scientists collaborating on the project believe that the database of your life could hold a vast array of items that are automatically catalogued and as easy to search as Google.

If it proves successful, the project could realise the dreams of hypertext visionary Vannevar Bush, who first floated the idea of a lifestore more than 50 years ago.

No word yet on whether or not you will be allowed to have memories in an OS other than Windows.