Asterisk clones

Asterisk clones? I was ready to give Time & Newsweek a break and declare them close-but-no-clone covers this week. However, upon further review and advocacy by some self-appointed members of the rexblog 2004 Clone Covers committee, I have agreed that both magazines clearly promote this week’s editions as special “Health Reports” and therefore do deserve to be named to the hall of mirrors. (It seems to be a tradition at Time and Newsweek for the second week of the year’s issue to feature a post-holiday health topic on the cover.) Another reason they receive clone status is that one features a smiling woman fondling a strawberry and the other features a smiling woman being fondled. (Visit Clone Covers, 2003, for an explanation and archive.) (P.S. I received some predictions of what the covers would be and they were, well, not about sex or carbs.)