Good moral-keeping seal of approva

Good moral-keeping seal of approval: According to the BYU student newspaper (which, apparently, Google News indexes), local businesses in Utah Valley are taking steps to cover-up morally questionalbe magazines covers (like Good Housekeeping, if the photo from the paper is any indication).


“We’re not taking away people’s First Amendment right by covering a magazine. People can still buy the magazine,” said Rebekah Strain, a mother who lives in Layton, and a member of Citizens for Families. “But if it is covered my children do not have to see it.”

I am torn. I think the effort is silly and results in, well, the cover of Good Housekeeping being masked. On the other hand, I’m a big fan of citizens (and the marketplace) letting their voices be heard. And Mrs. Strain is correct, this is not about freedom of the press. A store can choose which magazines to sell and how to display them.