Magazin’ man

Magazin’ man: I guess if people still see Elvis at truckstops, I shouldn’t be surprised that Rick Nelson is alive and well (except for that little food magazine-addiction problem) and living in Minnesota.

Side note: Rick’s article mentions another magazine movie that I have added to my collection of movies with magazine-connections. His contribution: “The 1957 musical Funny Face. In the film’s opening scene, Quality magazine editrix Maggie Thompson (the scene-stealing Kay Thompson, doing a pedal-to-the-metal parody of celebrated fashion infanta Diana Vreeland) proclaims to her staff that, ‘A magazine must be like a human being. If it comes into the home it must contribute. It just can’t lie around. A magazine must have blood. And brains. And ‘bizzazz’ .” For this contribution, I’ll invite Rick to the next Garden Party I throw.