Magazine blogs

Magazine blogs: Because the rexblog shows up when someone searches for “weblogs” and “magazines,” I’ve been asked several times if I can provide a list of magazines with “official” or “sanctioned” weblogs. My standard response is, “No, I try not to blog about blogging, but rather focus on important things like whether or not teenage boys like magazines featuring bikini models.” I’m sure there is a list of official magazine blogs somewhere. Any suggestions?

I know that Fast Company got lots of blogosphere PR when they lanched theirs. Today, Rafat Ali of PaidContent.Org points to the blog recently launched by Business 2.0 and wonders if it is the first from a Time Inc. magazine. (I wonder how it got out from behind the cost-walls they’re throwing up.)

Here’s my review of the Business 2.0 weblog: I like its clean design and the intuitive (and minimal) architecture. Their bloggers are great writers but may need to learn (or practice) the art of linking a little more. All in all, a great weblog. Surprisingly, it has no ads, no subscription offers and no hype of any sort. I will hang onto a screen-grab of today’s weblog and compare it to how it looks after the Time Inc. marketing folks discover that it has been launched.