You’ve been outed

You’ve been outed: I know that you’ve wanted people to think you are an antisocial geek, but now research of Internet users (and you know how I love research) shows that you actually enjoy interacting with real, live people. Shockingly, you may even have relationships with non-online acquaintances!

Which reminds me of something. At the request of Joi Ito, (who I only know as a regular reader of his weblog, but who, in one of those strange real-live people ways, has a business partner with whom I have a off-line social networking relationship), I participated in a survey of webloggers being conducted by an MIT graduate student.

One of the questions stopped me in my tracks:

Are you surprised when
someone you meet in person says
they have read your blog?

Surprised? I’m flabbergasted. I’m even surprised when a magazine industry person tells me they read my weblog as my “in person” magazine friends tend to be of the “suit” variety and aren’t really into that “whole blogging thing.” What really shocks me, however, is when I’ll be doing one of those “in person” social networking activities like attending church or a Rotary meeting or a kids sporting event and someone will say, “Oh, I read your weblog.” Now, THAT’s creepy.