Magazine Court TV

Magazine Court TV: All week long, I’ve been receiving random news about magazines and prisoners. (Do a news search on the word “magazine” most any day and you’ll run across some subscription scam story.) Cleaning out my inbox, I noticed a strange pattern. So, here’s a round-up of the week’s news from the magazine-crime front:

  • A federal appeals panel this week ruled an Oregon inmate has no federal constitutional right to buy magazines containing sexually explicit materials and fantasy role-playing games.
  • A magazine that deals with prison issues is suing the Florida Department of Corrections seeking to overturn a decision banning it from state penitentiaries because the magazine advertises discount telephone services inmates can use.
  • reports that Adam Winer, 26, a con man is on the lam, wanted for cheating victims out of over $26,000 after pretending to be another Adam Winer at the men’s magazine, “FHM.” For more than a year, Winer allegedly promised victims a trip to Hawaii, discounts at department stores and even convinced one woman to quit her job and come work for him. Gee, I didn’t know magazine editors had that kind of power. (The San Deigo Union has even more about the scam.)
  • And what magazine court TV news would not be complete without a mention of Martha Stewart:

  • This Reuters headline about sums it up, “Martha Stewart Jurors to Decide Jail or Kitchen.”