The Rx print

The Rx print: is reporting that the FDA is expected to issue “draft guidelines” this week that will change the requirements made on drug marketers. In magazines, drug advertising will likely not have to be accompanied by as much “brief summary” fine print that lists all the risks and benefits of taking the drug. It appears the FDA’s research reveals what every one of us already knows: Nobody reads that stuff, anyway. I have a suggestion, however. I believe drug advertising should be required to carry a big line of copy that says: This drug is for the treatment of (fill in blank). It has taken me most of the NFL season to figure out what the heck that guy throwing a football through a tire swing was selling. (When he found out, a 13-year-old I know made this articulate observation: “gross.”) And what is that couple soaking in side-by-side bathtubs overlooking the mountains all about? If they could afford that view, couldn’t they spring for a hot tub? (via marketingwonk)

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