The Brewster crows

The Brewster crows: A day after the WSJ broke the story (no, wait, they didn’t, clarifies the NY Times), others follow-up on the Daniel Brewster “ouster” story. According to the NYT, Brewster told a group of G+J executives that he anticipated being fired. According to the NY Daily News, he denied that he is being fired. Perhaps it was this type of failure to keep his stories straight that led to his demise:

  • New York Post: Square One At G+J
  • NYT (registration required): Chief of Gruner & Jahr’s U.S. Division Is Likely to Be Fired
  • NY Daily News:
    CEO denies G+J ax

  • Funny aside: David Carr makes sure to work into his story a clarification that it was not the WSJ that broke the story. “News of Mr. Brewster’s imminent ouster was first reported in Der Spiegel, the German newsmagazine,” he reports.