Did we say supporter, er, we meant reporter

Did we say supporter, er, we meant reporter: My favorite read of the day, the NYT corrections column, clarifies an earlier item that Barbara Walters was attending Martha Stewart’s trial and sitting behind her because they are friends. Despite their matching outfits and the fact Barbara was winking at jurors throughout the session, Baraba says she was there as a journalist. (Okay, I made up that part about winking and matching outfits.) Another great item is the one at the bottom which, to me, is similar to the item last week about the UK hiking magazine mea culpa for suggesting its readers take a flying leap.

Quote from the NYT correction:

An article and a listing in the Dining section on Wednesday about ways to reduce bacterial contamination in home kitchens referred incompletely to a method of disinfecting sponges and dishcloths by placing them in a microwave oven. They should be damp; if dry, they could catch fire.

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