Surreally off-topic blogging

(Thanks to Blair for helping me post this item written a couple of hours ago as I’m in the process of making my way to BWI and have no access to the Internet.)

In the two years I’ve maintained this weblog, the vast majority of posts have been links to and comments about the magazine industry, topics I found (and continue to find) to be “underblogged” elsewhere. I chose not to make this an outlet for personal rants or political stances, primarily because I don’t enjoy weblogs with personal rants. And politics and policy are topics I deal with in my real job and frankly are too overblogged for me to spend time adding to the fray. Besides, I believe that when one gets intimately close to the political or lawmaking process, one often loses perspective of what is really happening and what the true importance of the issues are.

I say all this as a heads-up to anyone who has made the rexblog an RSS feed for its magazine news. Sometime later tonight (probably, around 10 p.m. central time), I will be posting to this blog an item that will be political in nature and while it will be related to my experience as the owner of a publishing company, it will have little to do with magazines.

I will be blogging about a meeting I just had at the White House with the President of the United States. (Believe me, that last sentence was without a doubt, the most surreal I have ever typed.)

There should be a press release at about the meeting but I won’t have web access until my flight back to Nashville, so it will be later tonight before I post the “blogging version” of the experience.

I didn’t attend this meeting as a reporter or interviewer, so what you’ll get later will be a blogger’s-view of getting to talk with the President about a specific topic of shared interest: the need for permanence in tax reform.