Usually, when I link to a story I have something snappy to say. I’m somewhat overwhelmed by this story by Rob Johnson of the Tennessean, however. I don’t know what to say. Other than, thanks for extending my 15 minutes of fame another few hours.

[Later: My first read of this story was online. Now that I’ve seen it in print and realize it is on the front page, I’m, well, even more speechless.]

By the way, thanks also to Laura Faber of the Nashville TV station Fox 17 who interviewed me for a story.

Only one slight clarification, however, on the long, long Tennessean story. The White House, in calling NFIB, was looking for a small business owner…not just someone who would like to meet the president. I know Rob was probably quoting me, but they were definitely looking for someone with a specific experience to share with the president.