Notable vaporzines of 2003?

Notable vaporzines of 2003? I just received an e-mail asking if I planned to have a feature called “Notable vaporzines of 2003”? (see previous item below) No. As I clearly state in my explanation of the term vaporzine, it is not a derisive term and therefore I don’t want to have a feature that looks like a parody of Mr. Magazine’s feature and that would appear to mock the press releases of people who announce their plans to launch a magazine one day.

However, if I WERE to have such a feature, I know that the Vaporzine of the Year would go to JAQK, a vaporzine I devoted way too much time to one day last summer.

Come to think of it, however, Radar (which is on Samir’s list) would be a strong contender for Vaporzine of the Year as it launched, failed and keeps threatening to return.