Free the collateral circumstances

Free the collateral circumstances: The NY Daily News reports that Martha Stewart’s lawyers may seek probation rather than incarceration using an argument that her time in jail will harm 550 innocent people, the employees of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Such a defense of “extraordinary collateral circumstances” appears to have a precedent.

I will now go on record as saying this weblog endorses such a sentence. Fine her out the wazoo. Publicly shame and humiliate her. Make her wear clothes from K-Mart, or even black and white stripes. But then, strap one of these babies on her and make her sit alone in one of her houses for 18 months and do nothing but pump out ideas for her employees to execute.

I’m all for making her pay for the sins of the fat cats who have all the advantages that little people like me don’t have, but I care more about the extremely talented folks who are discovering they are “extraordinary collateral circumstances.”