Vulture watch

marthettesVulture watch: Joining the other opportunists (and here) dancing on Martha Stewart’s perceived grave, CondeNast is floating plans of a vaporzine that extends the Lucky/Cargo format to home furnishings. (This could become to magazines what the “For Dummies” series is to non-fiction books.) The NY Times’ David Carr (reg. required, etc.) was able to get Bonnie Fuller to comment on the concept. (She worked on a similar idea for Meredith) “I think that catalogs from retailers like Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn have already gotten there first,” she said. “They have already been using it for shopping and inspiration.” Bonnie’s bosses announced a similar idea a few weeks ago, but according to today’s article, “the war in Iraq” has caused them to shelve the plans. Huh? The war in Iraq? What has changed in five weeks about the war in Iraq that would have anything to do with American Media launching a home furnishing magazine. Sounds like a war in the executive offices of American Media is the only development that has relevance to this concept being shelved. (Thanks to Eddie Lee Rider and others.)