As the coverage turns

As the coverage turns: All of the “she’s toast” angles in the post-verdict Martha Stewart coverage must be used up. Today marks the beginning of the “well, maybe she’s not toast, afterall” coverage. Confirming somewhat my observation last Saturday that professional pundits don’t quite comprehend that in the mind of her fans, two Marthas exist (the real one and the branded fictional one), is a survey conducted by Universal-McCann after the verdict was handed down:

…according to Universal McCann’s third Martha survey in the past 17months, the domestic doyenne’s guilty verdict isn’t going to affect the readership of her namesake magazine….consumers continue to believe in Martha Stewart the brand even though they also think the woman behind it is guilty as charged.

“Once again we find that consumers view Martha Stewart the person and Martha Stewart the brand as separate entities,” said Susan Nathan, a Universal McCann director. “While the vast majority of women believe she is guilty, it is clear they are very loyal to her magazine.”

Most said Stewart’s conviction would not affect their opinions of the advertisers that support her magazine and another 25 percent said they would actually have a more positive opinion about the companies that support her.