RSS geeking

RSS geeking: (Apologies up front to all those who have no idea what the following is about. Frankly, neither do I (much). If for some reason, it piques your interest, you can find out more about RSS and Atom on this page at Fagan Finder and lots other places. Learn about it and if you don’t already, set up a news aggregator. It will save you more time than you can imagine.)

Jeff Jarvis observes that the RSS file of his weblog, BuzzMachine, gets more traffic than his html page (the one you see with a web browser)…and says there need to be better statistics-tracking auditing features before RSS jumps to the major leagues for commercial websites. While I go weeks without checking the statistics of this weblog, I have day-job (as Jeff calls it) responsibilities with websites that need such features. As for BuzzMachine, I just wanted to let Jeff know that I go to the news aggregator I use, NetNewswire, throughout the day to read what Jeff posts. So, Jeff, be sure to count several dozen of those RSS hits as pageviews from me.

Also on the syndication front, recently I stopped getting an RSS feed from another of my favorite weblogs, Gary Price’s ResourceShelf and assumed that because the site is managed with Blogger, that his XML feed had been converted to the Atom format. (If that last sentence makes no sense to you, don’t worry. I’m probably misstating the situation.) Anyway, my desire to get an RSS feed of Gary’s website led me to the Atom-to-RSS syndication-feed-hack offered at the website, Ironically, I don’t recall what I did to set it up, but this feed of ResourceShelf is now working for me as an RSS feed. I suppose I could solve all this if I were to pay for the “heavy” rather than free “lite” version of NetNewsWire (or perhaps update to a newer version), but I thought it was pretty cool that the work-around actually worked for someone whose geek quotient is as low as mine.