What she said

What she said: Advertising Age also has a great interview with Hearst Magazine President Cathleen Black.


We (those in the magazine industry) need to do a stronger and better job of continually showing why the combination of television and magazine advertising is the most effective buy. The data is there. Am I going to tell you that that’s an easy sell to an advertiser who’s totally sold on television? No. But look at the fashion community. Look at the beauty business. They have by and large built their brands on the effectiveness and that continuity and consistency of their message [in print]. It’s really compelling, the experience that one has in sitting down and reading a magazine in one sitting or multiple sittings. And all you need to do is get 10 people and to have them talk about their TiVos. I suppose advertisers in television behind closed doors are trying to sit and think through what the impact of TiVo is going to be. Anybody I know who’s got TiVo is like an evangelist: “I can’t believe you don’t have it yet. You’ve got to. You’ll be able to look at any program in 22 minutes.”

There are other such pithy comments on a myriad of topics.