I’m an, uh, editor, yeah, uh, an editor

I’m an, uh, editor, yeah, uh, an editor: Remember that guy who pretended to be the editor of FHM and who, by coincidence, shared the same name as that editor. He conned folks into giving him a wide range of goods and services and even (sadly) persuaded a woman t quit her job to come work for him. Well, yesterday, he pleaded guilty to identity theft, false personation and six counts of grand theft and was sentenced to one year in jail. He also has to repay more than $26,000 to the people he scammed. So, I’m trying to figure out the lesson here: Is it, crime doesn’t pay? Or is it: “If you’re an editor, you’re leaving lots on the table.” (Okay. Just a little joke there.) (Thanks for the heads-up to one my favorite scam-free editors, Shannon.)