Not to bright

Not too bright: I just got back into Nashville and discovered late the day-long bruhaha caused by Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan when he claimed on ESPN Radio yesterday that Vanderbilt couldn’t win its first round NCAA tournament game with Western Michigan because Vandy’s team is “too white.”

Too white? Where did that come from? Despite the fact that Vanderbilt has three starters who are black, Ryan stood by his comments later. “It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone who likes basketball would be so dense and ignorant and just clueless not to understand where I was coming from.”

I confess: I’m am one of Ryan’s ignorant, clueless ones. Thank goodness for the Nashville Tennessean’s David Climer, as he can explain where I’m coming from.

Oh, speaking of ignorant and clueless, Bob Ryan’s prediction proved to be as Vanderbilt beat Western Michigan this afternoon 71-58.