Dejazine (and center of the magazine universe) Update:

mc newsDejazine (and center of the magazine universe) update: A few months ago, I coined the word, “dejazine” to describe a defunct print magazine that is resurrected as a website and vaporzine. At the time, there was a frenzy of such deceased magazines relaunching with the promise that, “we’re starting as a website and later wil (or maybe) re-launch the print version,” including The Standard and The Red Herring and Creem Magazine.

Today, right here in Music City, another dejazine is born. The great (but cost-walled-off) web-based newservice,, is reporting that the erstwhile Music City News Magazine, has new owners and will launch a website in April and a magazine later in the year.

According to the Nashville Post, an un-named Massachusetts-based businessman is the new owner. They already have an editor, are looking for Nashville office space, and have a “mock” website at the URL

As the twang turns.

One thought on “Dejazine (and center of the magazine universe) Update:

  1. I have had the opportunity to view the “real site”, though still being finished.

    I see “NO” problem with what you call a “dejavine”. The huge cost of a print publication vs. online ….

    The online can do so much more for the fans that a print publication can’t do, except curl up in bed with your computer. ( unless it’s a laptop).

    I know that will be offering so much in the way of web casts of interviews and more.

    I know this…I am the editor.

    David G. Mills

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