16Sweet: For the first time since 1993, Vanderbilt’s men’s basketball team has made it to the semi-finals (round of 16) of the NCAA Tournament. (The women’s team does it regularly and can do so again with a win on Monday evening.) Today’s game was a come-from-behind 75-73 win over North Carolina State, one of the heart-stopping ordeals they are known for. Vanderbilt (23-9) plays No. 2 seed Connecticut in the regional semifinals on Thursday. Later: Great game recap in the NY Times (registration required,etc.) with this quote from Vandy Coach Kevin Stallings: “We’re not the best team in the country, but that’s why they play the games. On any given night, anything can happen.”

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  1. This is the best thing that’s happened at Vanderbilt in a long, long time. Now [Monday night], both our teams are in the Sweet 16. Excellent coaching by Stallings — lots of ink this season devoted to his new techniques [a kinder, gentler Stallings is making a difference on the court] — and a sensational women’s team and coach as well.

    Go Dores!

    P.S. I feel compelled to add the other critical basketball news: My high school team won the state championship Saturday night, its first ever. I was there for the game at Middle Tennessee State University, along with several thousand other Bolivar Central HIgh School fans.

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