He thinks Cargo Magazine stinks

He thinks Cargo Magazine stinks: This column about Cargo Magazine written by Steve Johnson of the Chicago Tribune has a right to exist. Free-speech laws, the perpetual search for the next big column thing, and the vast resources of the Chicago Tribune publishing empire give it that right. But does it need to exist? I think it does.


Cargo’s problem, in its 204-page inaugural issue, is that it, in a word, stinks. Literally. The issue is reeking on the desk beside me as I type, turning my normally coffee-scented office, sometimes seasoned with a hint of used gym clothes, into a debate captain’s neck on prom night.

The culprit, one of those self-defeating-by-dint-of-the-nausea-they-induce cologne inserts, symbolizes the trouble with the Cargo concept. For all its determined attempts to also read hetero, this is at heart, in the preponderance of its ad pages and “editorial” copy, a fashion magazine.

And most of the mainstream men the magazine will need to attract if it is to thrive do not like “fashion”–even the ones like me, who will admit to liking nice clothes.

(via BoSacks.com)