The Daily Edwards — First Edition

colonelThe Daily Edwards — First Edition: While some folks enjoy waking up to Howard Stern and are outraged that he has been cancelled in some markets, the voice I prefer waking up to is that of Bob Edwards, host of NPR’s Morning Edition. This afternoon, it appears that some misguided executive at NPR is booting Edwards from the anchor chair as part of “a natural evolution,” according to NPR spokeswoman Laura Gross. “We just felt it was time for a change.” (With ad-libs like that, I’d say it was time for a change in a spokeswoman, also.)

As a fan and sometime corporate underwriter of the local broadcast of Morning Edition, I would like to go on record as protesting this ridiculous decision by NPR. (Joan Kroc must be spinning in her grave at the thought of Edwards getting the boot. And speaking of grave spinning, what about Red Barber?)