East meets south

East meets south: Brian Ruckle, a fellow member of the Rocky Top Brigade (of which I’m indeed a proud member, for the record) voluntarily lives in and blogs from China, e-mailed me to share his surprise that Vanderbilt’s mens basketball team (and now, by the way, women’s team also) has made it to the Sweet 16. (I don’t know whether to be more pleased that my rare sports item was noticed or that the rexblog is read in China.) Brian also was kind enough to send me a link to danwei.org, a weblog about media and advertising in the People’s Republic of China. Check out the site’s magazine section which is sort of like what I do on the rexblog, except that it’s about magazines in China. I must admit that I’m totally clueless about magazines in China, despite spending some time on a couple of ocassions with some delightful magazine people from that part of the world. After looking at danwei’s magazine page, I feel even more clueless. But also impressed, perplexed, stunned and amused.