Electronic paper update

ebookElectronic paper update: A few months ago, I mentioned one of my favorite technologies that has been “right around the corner” for as long as I can remember: “electronic paper.” (I pointed to this story and this story.)

Today, Slashdot pointed to a press release announcing that Sony’s new e-Book reader, LIBRIé, is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late April. This “first ever” Philips’ display utilizes E Ink’s revolutionary electronic ink technology which offers a truly paper-like reading experience with contrast that is the same as newsprint, according to Philip’s press release.


Its black and white ink-on-paper look, combined with a resolution in excess of most portable devices at approximately 170 pixels per inch (PPI), gives an appearance similar to that of the most widely read material on the planet – newspaper. Because the display uses power only when an image is changed, a user can read more than 10,000 pages before the four AAA Alkaline batteries need to be replaced. The unique technology also results in a compact and lightweight form factor allowing it to be ideal for highly portable applications.

As I said in my original post about this technology, wake me up when the display costs about $100 and it is wireless and will (as always promised) fold up and fit in my pocket.