Blog-lite: This weblog got on a plane right after posting that last rant against Richard Clarkes promotional apology, so I was not able to welcome the visitors from Jeff Jarvis’s BuzzMachine when he linked to it with the note that “I’m angry.” And I guess I am.

I also had an angry travel moment this afternoon as the mid-town Club Quarters hotel I was booked in informed me that I did not have a room there (despite pre-paying for it). So, I take back those nice things I said about the hotel chain a few weeks ago. (However, I still like their free wi-fi.)

Ironically (considering my unusal post earlier today), I find myself this evening staying in the hotel chain’s location about five blocks from Ground Zero. My inconvenience seems small again.

Travel tomorrow means no blogging.

Oh, yeah. And too bad about Vanderbilt’s exit from the men’s NCAA tournament.

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