Amazing: About seven years ago, I got a letter in the mail (the postal service delivered kind), from a person who read an irrate letter I had sent to the editor of Folio: Magazine. My letter, as I recall, was a rant against some “expert” who predicted the demise of custom published magazines by the following year. The person who sent me the letter, Simon Kelly, was seeking my support in helping to form an organization in the U.S. similar to one he had been a part of in the U.K., a trade group for publishers of what they call in England, customer magazines, and what we call in the U.S., custom magazines. There were about five or six of us at the first meeting of what became known as the Custom Publishing Council in (I’m a little rusty on the year, 1997) and by our second meeting, most of the major consumer magazine publishing companies were on board along with those of us who are independents.

Today, I attended a meeting of the Custom Publihsing Council with about 50 or so other folks who represent the 60 companies that are now members of the Custom Publishing Council: Talented, savvy folks who are my competitors and friends.

As I was flying home this afternoon, I thought about trying to look up who that expert was who by predicting the demise of custom publishing, helped inspire its survival and growth.